Friday , May 27 2022

Theodoridis: "True soldier of Olympiakos" Premier and Olympiakos


All Savvas Theodoridis Exit Out of the Board of Olympiacos, but he was appointed an honorary president with him not to hide his emotion.

«I was very angry with the energy of Vangelis Marinakis and I thank him very much for the great honor he has made me. It's really special to acknowledge your offer, but you know that that's not what everyone would do. Marinakis knows how to appreciate and he is worthy to manage the largest team in the country"Originally told the Champion.

Because he will watch the games of the podium, Honorary President Olympiacos said: "It will be something unprecedented to me, but I will tell you that I will always be a Olympiacos soldier. And I will always be against those who fight him and try to deprive him of what he is entitled to get to court. I will be close to the players and the trainer, I will be going to see in the changing rooms and encourage them to continue their efforts".

In terms of how he sees the team he said: "As you know in my opinion, the secret of each group has hidden in the changing rooms and Olympiacos has a good trainer and good players. Martins are fair and despite having two hundred great football players , they're managed well. That's why the players are friends with each other and are waiting for the opportunity to play. Martine is doing a good job and will see this in the near future ".

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