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The True About Day Care Units and Attica Region


Durous Answer to Georgiadis: The True About Day Care Units and Attica Region

"The truth about the Day Care Units and the Attica Region" is the title of an announcement published by the Attica Region, on the occasion, the vice president of the Democratic Party, Adonis Georgiadis, said on the subject of television.

Rina Durous Regional Authority's answer:
"In terms of the threats as well as unfounded and false claims by Vice President of the New Democracy, A. Georgiadis today at the SKAI television station, in order to restore the truth and to inform the citizens, we emphasize:

• The Attica Region follows the law and applies lawfully to the law, in the interests of serving the public and, in particular, the protection of public health.

• Attica Region 4 recently gave operating licenses to Day Care Units (the last one month ago) that fulfilled the requirements of the law.

• It is completely false that the Attica Region is trying to "close MIN".

• There is currently no request for the authorization of a Day Care Unit in the Attica Region, with the exception of a specific case originally licensed by the Athen Medical Association. However, this authorization was abolished by the Supreme Administrative Appeal Court on the IEA because it was based on the provisions of decisions (Government Gazette B 1804 / 2-7-2014 and Government Gazette B 3206/2014) adopted by a former Health Minister and South West Wales, illegal as "enacted" more than a legislative order ".

• In relation to this case, originally taken by the EIA "green light", it is considered by the competent authority of the Attica Region regarding its legality before deciding on final approval or refusal of the relevant application and investigating a number of complaints .

• It is clear from the above that the Regional Finance Duo of Attica protects legality rather than specific interests with surname.

• Here are the facts that can not be argued. Everything else is judged by citizens.

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