Saturday , May 21 2022

The mega deal Messi – Ebape changes the map of European football


The two players who undoubtedly steal the show about their future and potential transfer are Lionel Messi and Killian Ebape. The Argentine star is the ‘hot potato’ in Barcelona hands and the French world champion holds Paris Saint-Germain on a hot lock.

On October 9 you had read in that ‘Lionel Messi stayed in Barcelona but expelled Bartomeu’. As it happened. However, the serial of the ‘Pulga’ stay was completed in a positive way for a few months and not irreversibly. This is because his contract with the ‘blaugrana’ expires on June 30, 2021 and no development has yet taken place regarding his possible extension.

The problem is not the intention of the Catalan team, who want to keep Messi in the ‘Camp Nou’ forever. The point is that the Argentine star does not have a convincing plan for the foreseeable future, so that will make Barcelona a team that can claim with realistic chances every trophy he owns during the season. “I’m tired of blaming myself for everything“, Messi recently claimed, an indicative point of view regarding her psyche.

As long as ‘Pulga’ doesn’t sign a new deal with Barcelona, ​​rumors of his departure are furious. Furthermore, let’s not forget that he can sign from January 1st wherever he wants as a free agent and this immediately makes him the most desirable player on the planet, for any team of course that it can meet its requirements.

And Paris Saint-Germain is a club that has the wallet to fill the Argentine star’s bank account and provide a sweeping answer to Killian Ebape’s potential loss. Like Barcelona with Messi, Paris with the French striker pulls hard.

Ebape’s contract with the Parisians ends in the summer of 2022, but no one is ready to wait until then to see the development of this cooperation. Paris Saint-Germain wants to unleash the possibilities of expanding the collaboration with the player from now on, otherwise they will try to sell it in the summer, without risking losing it after a few months without having a euro.

In France, Ebape is alleged to show no willingness to sit at the negotiating table, launching the developments for sale in the summer transfer window in 2021. Real Madrid is essentially interested in acquiring the player . After all, the meringues are making a series of moves that look like saving resources to ‘hit’ a supermarket next summer. And 21-year-old Ebape looks like an ideal case, with a perspective of at least a decade.

So Paris Saint-Germain technical director Leonardo wants the Ebape issue resolved as soon as possible, in any way. Either the French striker renovates, or enters the shop window for sale in the summer. At the same time, however, the hope of expanding the Parisian cooperation with Neymar is on its way. As the data evolves, the French team believe that with the Brazilian star’s stay and Ebape’s possible departure, it would be ideal to bring Lionel Messi to the ‘Parc des Princes’!

Basically, the England team will try what Barcelona failed to do. The Catalans last year communicated their wish for Neymar to return to ‘Camp Nou’, but in practice the Bartomeu administration failed to implement it. If he ever had such an intention …

Conversely, especially from the moment he decides to fill his coffers through a deal for Killian Ebape’s sale, Paris Saint-Germain seems particularly ‘hot’ in pursuit of Lionel Messi’s much larger acquisition than when he doesn’t have to do that to compensate Barcelona.

So, Ebape’s possible route from Paris to Madrid and Messi’s equivalent route from Barcelona to the ‘city of light’, is what can change for the better of Europe’s football map from next summer …

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