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The JMC for determining the cost and payment


JM 46618/8957 / 12.11.2020, which sets out the procedure for determining the amount of pay and non-pay costs of special purpose licenses, which is covered by the state budget, as well as the payment procedure, covered services and the obligations. of the beneficiaries-employers

We remind you according to an announcement by the Minister. It is possible to submit the E11.1 form for the Special Purpose Licenses, until 15.12.2020 to declare vacation periods of 14/9/2020 (beginning of the school year 2020-2021) and until 30.11.2020 (See this announcement).

The resolution provides in detail:

Article 1

Determine pay and expenses other than salary for special purpose leave

1. For the employees – beneficiaries of the special purpose leave, the employer-companies enroll in the APD of the relevant pay period, the total days of the special-purpose vacation with a code of a particular type of pay, which will receive is determined by e -EFKA services. The employer companies pay the total wages to the employees, ie those covered by the employer itself and those covered by the regular budget and repay the due contributions for the above salaries, insurance contributions and deductions to the relevant bodies.

2. In order to pay employers special and non-pay pay for special purpose leave, regular employers declare all necessary data in the form of special temporary purpose “Form 11.1” in ERGANI’s “Information System” “the Ministry of Labor. Social Issues, ie company details, bank account details (IBAN), details of employees who used the special purpose leave, days of special purpose leave, those covered by the employer and those covered by the budget regular, gross remuneration of all employees for the appropriate vacation days, the total cost of each employee and for the total number of employees of each employer who used the above leave.

3. Employers are responsible for correctly completing a valid and active IBAN account number, as well as the other data mentioned in the special purpose form “Form 11.1” in the “ERGANI” Information System. Submit the special purpose form “Form 11.1” for the months March, April and May 2020, were set within the first 15 days of June.

4. The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs processes the absolutely necessary data, as specified in PS ERGANI’s “Form 11.1” special purpose for management and payment of special purpose licenses.

Article 2

Procedure for payment of the special purpose license

1. The amount paid to the employer is equal to the amount of the employee’s gross salary for each day of special purpose vacation paid by the regular budget (ALE 2310988001) plus the employer’s contributions. A condition for meeting the relevant cost is that each day of special purpose leave charged on the regular budget is equivalent to three days’ leave for which the employer is responsible (two days special purpose leave and one day regular holiday) .

2. For the procedure of paying the par 1 amount to the employers, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs is appointed as the competent body. The payment is made in a lump sum by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs by crediting the beneficiary-employer (IBAN) bank account, declared in “Form 11.1”.

3. From PS ERGANI, a detailed statement of beneficiary-employers is extracted electronically, containing their full details, IBAN bank account number, the credit institution in which the account is held, the amount of the payment, as well as their VAT number.

4. The electronic form of this statement may be edited by the company “Interbank Systems SA” (DIAS SA) to which it is transmitted. In addition, a consolidated list of beneficiary-employers in both printed and electronic form, including the number of each bank or credit institution, is transmitted to DIAS SA, the Individual Regulations Department and the Ministry’s Financial Management Directorate. beneficiary-employers and total payment in full and in numbers. The above statements are approved by a competent authorizing officer of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, following a recommendation by the Atomic Regulations Directorate.

5. By decision of the Minister for Labor and Social Affairs, the transfer of credit from this total and the submission of the relevant application to the GLC (24th Directorate), following a suggestion from the Financial Management Directorate, is approved.

6. The above printed consolidated statement is sent to the Accounts and Cash Planning Department of the State General Accounting Office (GLK), which, based on this, issues a special order to the Bank of Greece for debiting the State account 200 «State of Greece – Collection of Receipts – Payments “and the credit mediated by DIAS SA and the relevant banks or / or credit institutions, beneficiaries’ bank accounts. The above order is notified to the Budget and Financial Reporting Directorate and to the Directorate Financial Management, Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs Directorate General of Financial Services and to DIAS SA.

7. The unpaid amounts are returned to an ED account with IBAN: GR710100023 0000000000200211 with a reason to move the special payment code DIAS SA and are accounted for in the PC’s income. For the missed payments DIAS SA notifies the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and PS ERGANI for inclusion in the next payment.

8. For payment of the special purpose license, the special paragraph’s special payment order has the site of a committal decision.

9. The appearance of the relevant payments in the public receipt, is made by issuing money clearing orders from the Financial Management Directorate of the Directorate General of Financial Services of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

10. The Department of Cash Accounting and Planning, the contracting banks and other credit institutions are not regarded as public accountants and are responsible only for their own fault.

Article 3

Fiercely paid – retrospective and offset payments

1. Without prejudice to any fines provided for by other provisions, natural persons who provide false information at their request shall be subject to the penalties provided for by applicable law in the event of a false statement.

2. Any amounts overpaid will be charged directly to the recipient, by decision of the Minister for Labor and Social Affairs or the body legally authorized by him and collected in accordance with the provisions of KEDE.

This decision is published in the Government Gazette.

See the decision in the goal tax file

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