Wednesday , September 28 2022

The Greeks do not even go through Imia – In the Barbaros Economic Area of ​​Cyprus!


"Oil on fire" from a relationship with Greece a Cyprus they throw Turkey, who is blessed with reports to press that are no longer leaving "no bird to fly to Imia", while at the same time the research vessel Barbarians have gone in plot 4 Unique Economic Zone of Cyprus (EEZ), together with four war wars.

It should be noted, however, that Turkish oceanography it is not expected to move towards it plot 10, where drilling of the American company continues Exxon Mobil.

H American Government she warned her Ankara do not dare to appear in the area where investigations are carried out American energy energy.

According to a competent source, this is considered as a response to action energy program of the Republic of Cyprus, which is underway.

So, it seems that Ankara, fails to harass him drill machine from ExxonMobil, who has started to investigate since last Friday 10 or AEE Cyprus, choose to continue game challenges against her Cyprus.

Y "Barbarians" she chose plot 4 of the EEZ Chypriad, which has locked west of Cyprus and he was challenged by Turkey. According to information, Turkish movements are monitored by its qualifying services From the Republic of Cyprus.

Soon, she's watching & the steps Greek Frigate "Psara".

I'm sorry

Meanwhile, his telegram IHA Turkish Agency (which has been reproduced by almost all Turkish media) argues that "Turks of the Turks do not allow a bird to fly to Imia, and it is continuously continuous 24 hour surveillance from the region ".

And he makes a stimulating note: "The last word on rocky islands of Imia, which has been a friction point between the two countries for 25 years, has been given to him Turkey. Y Greek soldiers which has been disturbing Turkish territorial waters for months They do not even go through Imia".

Watch the relevant video:

The Turkish agency, repeatedly repeats the same expressions and shows Imams pictures no tracking Greek military presence among them, specifically stated:

"It's still in existence quiet in the rocky islands of Imia, which is 3 miles away from the neighborhood Guimusouk or Alikarnassos. From the time he was settled military base in Tsavous island, located 1.5 miles from the rocky islands of Imia, the Greek soldiers they can no longer break them Turkish territorial waters.

Y Greek soldiers which has broken the territorial shock of Turkey daily on 25 years in a row, now it seems that they do not even go through the area after that military base in Caves.

The Greek soldiers have not been through the region for about three months and just watched them rocky islands of Imia o Calolimno. Around the rocky islands of Imia one Guard Guard Coast Guard 24 hours a day patrol and, as mentioned, stopped them illegal immigrants".

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