Tuesday , April 20 2021

The City of Thessaloniki has established a working group on the new Premier League and PAOK

In detail, the statement says to the press:

"Establish and appoint members of a working group




1) Case 1 of art. 58 of Law 3852/2010 (Government Gazette 87t.A / 7-6-2010) New Architecture of Local Government and Delegated Administration – Kallikratis Program.

2) The provisions of articles 75, 86 and 87 of Law 3463/2006 ("Code of Businesses and Communities") are replaced or supplemented by the provisions of articles 58, 59, 94 and 95 of the 3852/2010 Act.

3) The current Institute of Internal Service of the DT. approved with the number. Decision of the Secretary General 83000/2012 of the Delegated Ministry of Macedonia-Thrace (Government Gazette 3360 B / 17.12.2012 and Government Gazette 190 B / 04.02.2013).

4) The fact that this does not mean any expense to the budget.


A) Establish a working group to support the procedures for the construction of sport facilities at the Paphos Athletics Association. and we define their members below:

(a) Belibasakis Konstantinos, Head of the General Directorate for Technical Services.
b) Pharmakis Friday, Worker in the Directorate Urban Applications Department for Construction and Urban Applications.
c) Dimouli Anna, Worker in the Urban Planning Department of the Urban Planning Department and the Architectural Design Department.
d) Dimitrios Syriries, Deputy Head of the Urban Environmental Directorate.

B) The work of the working group is to support the implementation of all necessary steps related to the procedures for the construction of the sports facilities of the Paxos Athletics Association.

Internal Distribution:
-Day Department. Mayor
-Day Department. General Secretary
-Manager of Technical Technical, Environment and Cleaning
General Directorate of Technical Services
– Some employees

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