Saturday , July 2 2022

Survivor leak – leak: This team wins the award today (21/05) t


In the episode of Monday (20/05) in the reality survived after a big derby, the team "white" managed to win the award.

In the Survivor Award today, the track is difficult. The players of both teams must do their best to get the prize is our food.

Let us remind that Aphrodite Skafidas has been seriously injured in the leg in yesterday's episode (20/05/2019), with the players and the doctors producing rushing to the; w help her next.

Which team will do it?

At the same time, we will be watching the island's board tonight, where Sakis Tanimandides will announce which Aphrodite and Ria have collected the least number of votes and go into the plane returning to Greece.

See in the gallery which team will win the award: t



In the Monday (20/05) episode after a big derby, the "white" team managed to reverse and win the award.

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