Thursday , January 20 2022

Stunning German connections: He revealed his relationship with a famous actor on the air (video)


Much, Natalie Germanou's connections are known, as most people who stand together are people of the artistic field.

However, the presenter made a revelation today in the air of his show that we did not expect his relationship with a well-known actress and politician.

The presenter referred to the past, who seems unconscious of his colleagues!

In particular, following "Zen Première of the 90s", it was referred to Apostolos Gletsos. After aka by Haris Yakoumatos about the role of the actor in the series "The Greek children began" talking about ages. The presenter said meaningfully to the control panel: "How can I apply to be played in a series played by Apostolos Gletsos? Let's think a bit."

His colleagues began to question his / her relationship with the actor who they did not know!

"Hidden did we have? Come on, My New Year … Have You Wear My Opera?", says the presenter who stated they were in 1995.

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