Thursday , June 30 2022

Stathakis meets a European Commission representative for Crete-Attica electrical connection


Politically, there is unlikely to be a solution, so that the electrical interconnection between Crete and Attica can be promoted as a European interest project, with favorable Community funding, a European qualifying commission, according to which next week there will be a connection with the Minister of Environment Giorgos Stathakis, with the relevant Community Commissioner on the matter.

The negotiation for the construction of the project, as part of the wider Israeli-Cyprus-Greece engagement, has begun for months, but it has expired with the Greek side accused Commission to withdraw from original posts to.

"The issue has not been resolved in technical terms and will go at a political level," said the European source, adding:Everyone agrees that the interconnection is very important and he needs to go quickly. The minimum technical features must be notified because they are related to the entire axis. The impression that the Greek jobs had not co-ordinated well with the Cypriot side, but there is room to solve technical problems.

I do not think that Greece's side wants to lose the possibility of having European money of 50%. There is a transnational project that has started with specific champions and can not go on with unilateral decisions. "

It is noted that the Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE) has assigned the interconnection to a subsidiary of association between Ariadne, with the possibility of joining capital capital later the inter- A great connection of Eurasia Interconnector. RAE sources reported to ANA-MPA that this decision will not be revoked but it can be repeated or reinforced if new data becomes apparent. He also emphasized the urgency of the initiative, on the one hand because The interconnection will cut hundreds of millions of euros per year in Crete electricity costs, on the other hand, because most island power plants will be closed, in accordance with EU environmental pollution pollutants.

In a question about PPC, the EU official stressed that the company had relatively significant advantages called to take advantage of it, while structural movements were being made to support it. And for the sale of lignite units Megalopolis and Florina, he said that if the competition fails, the reasons for finding the correct answer will be explored.

In terms of the possibility of closing the PPC units in Heart and Amyndeos, also for environmental reasons, if the European Union is not extended, the same source said there may be some exceptions but the "train" should go to & # 39 ; r right-to-date address that is more renewable and less carbon dioxide.

In this spirit, the EU official has recommended that the Greek government close all remaining energy memoranda, so that the negotiation can take place in the general context of Europe's climate and energy policy. As stated, targets for renewable energy, greenhouse gas savings and greenhouse gas emissions in 2020 can be reached, but by 2030 they will be much more ambitious.

It was of the opinion that a lot of emphasis would be placed on energy efficiency by emphasizing, in order to reach the 2030 targets in the construction sector, that an unprecedented investment of EUR 170 billion per year was needed at European level.

These funds can not be paid by EU or state budgets, and solutions are promoted by the European Commission to stimulate bank finance for energy renewal buildings and incentives for public partnerships- private.

Up to 2050, when Europe is moving towards full carbonization, the case is considering whether hydrogen or electromotor technology will apply.

However, it is assumed that in order to achieve the objectives, efforts should be made in all sectors (agriculture, livestock, transport, buildings, energy).

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