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Spetses vicious crime with a 26 year old victim


Their local community is in shock Spetses after the news that the BM aged 22 years.. son of his teacher National Technical University of Athens allegedly killed one with a knife Spetsioti 26 years old, after an argument they had for a reason unknown to date.

The incident, as reported in deputy mayor of Spetses, Spyros Fardeloswho also happened to be a relative of the victim, it happened on Saturday night outside the settlement, in the back of the island, far from the luxurious home of the teacher’s family. According to Mr. Fardelos, “There is no longer any doubt that this was a criminal act, as this also shows the conclusion of the forensic examination. The perpetrator wounded the victim with a knife in the abdomen. He tried to escape, but his body was found nearby.”.

The 26-year-old was found by a group of young people i bloody on the ground, next to his camera, they assumed he was roll and so they called the police. Still others claim that the wrong impression how it is rolling for the sake of do not disclose the criminal act.
Confirmed information indicates that the perpetrator chased the victim with a pistol and then stabbed him in the abdomen. The unfortunate 26-year-old ended up at 11pm at the island doctor’s office where he was transferred.

Eyewitnesses of the row The two young men later told the authorities exactly what had happened, revealing that the teacher’s son was the perpetrator of the murder. According to the forensic report, the victim died of uncontrollable bleeding. The culprit was arrested and is expected to be brought to the prosecutor tomorrow. His funeral The 26-year-old will play tomorrow at 11.00 in a cemetery Holy Day.

Offender Spyros Dimitriou, who undertook civil proceedings on behalf of the victim’s family, said: “I was commissioned by the mother of the unfortunate and youngest boy who was the victim of this horrific criminal act to show support for the manslaughter charge alleged to have been committed by the perpetrator. The victim’s mother, to the best of my knowledge, has the full support and co-operation of the entire Spetses local community and the Municipal Authority and is left in the hands of Justice Greece with confidence and certainty for the culprit’s punishment. “.

And he added: “I want to point out that I was impressed by the initial announcement of the death of the 26-year-old player as the victim of a car accident to accept very quickly that this is a cold and barbaric criminal act”.

The lawyer Spyros Dimitriou

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