Saturday , May 21 2022

Sean Connery’s gun sold at auction for the first “James Bond” – The incredible amount he held | ZOE


The semi-automatic weapon used by Sean Connery in the first James Bond movie sold for $ 256,000 at auction in Beverly Hills on Thursday.

The starting price was $ 200,000 and the buyer is an American “fan” James Bond who asked to remain anonymous. However, the weapon’s previous owner was Disney filmmaker and collector Dan Lanigan, who in his statements to Variety notes:

“I chose this amazing weapon 15 years ago when I was relatively early in my collection,” he told Variety. The weapon comes from the original weapons supplier Bapty in the United Kingdom. The company first sold the weapon at auction in 2006 and bought Lanigan from there.

The famous Walther was one of the 500 iconic Hollywood film items sold by Julien’s Auctions at this special auction.

It’s worth noting that Sean Connery, who died last October at the age of 90, held this shotgun in the 1962 debut film “James Bond, Agent 007 vs. Dr. No.”

At the same auction, about 500 other items from Hollywood memorabilia were sold, including a fighter jet helmet created specifically for Tom Cruise in “Top Gun,” starting at $ 50,000 and a black leather jacket worn by the Exterminator. Arnold Schwarzenegger also has a starting price of $ 50,000.

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