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Sanctuary Sanctuary Review – GAMES


The Legend of Crane

Specials are Novel's Visual Games. Not everyone for everyone – especially in Greece. We always talk about a pure eye … Not everyone who has bored with Adventure, Puzzle or other elements to appeal to the host, like the Punch Line or Danganronpa recently. Those who simply trace the evolution of the story with almost zero to the minimum presence. They are technically considered, basically … they're movies. As you know, The Midnight Sanctuary, the Cavyhouse developer, is a 101% Visual Video title, available for PC, PS4 and Switch.

We do not have much to judge, apart from the scenario and technical field. In summary, in terms of the story, we are in Japan in the 1920s. The son of a remote and religious village captain invites in the sense of our native cartoonist to explore and collect local myths and events to make tourists and increase the area's traffic, but also to modernize.

During the investigation, secret secrets will be revealed and we will learn that the incredible truth of the legends is buried in the interpretation of seemingly inadequate details. From a disconnection (or sequence if you prefer), we can say that all the experience has to divide both: half of the first, slightly unfavorable extension, and & # 39; Second, where the plot helps to lift the rhythm and our interest grows.

In the technical and specific field of graphics, we find the creators' efforts for the artistic impact ("spoil the line between reality and surrealism" as mentioned on the Steam game page), but we did it Boring and we were slow to use. It is not simple with 3D with the selected pattern to display the characters. In essence, they are transparent "gaps" in their design, which act as windows on a bronze epileptic background, such as a wallpaper, which remains stable, but with every movement there is a continuous flow of slip is created.

We may not have disagreed with The Sanctuary Sanctuary on the visual track, but there were no shortcomings, glitches and other problems, with the exception of some clips (and not often). Our rig, with the processor i5-4460 and AMD R9 380 GPU, was enough to give the entirety a full HD resolution, and there are 720p and 540p options. In addition, it is not a very difficult title, with the minimum requirements to quickly and indefinitely refer to the Intel Core third generation or corresponding and corresponding graphics card that is compatible with. … DirectX 11. Note that it is expected to be released soon in a VR version for both computers and PS4. In the first case, it is recommended that GTX 970 (or R9 290) would be combined with i5-4590 (or FX-8350).

Sound acting, voice acting (Japanese only) is great, and atmospheric music has some pretty seconds, although it usually replies itself. I drink, there's nothing to say, the left mouse button will only use the mouse – and this is especially true if you do not give it to # 39; The dialogs are in the car.

The review was based on the digital version of the PC game, which was given to us by Unties.

Source: IGN Greece

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