There is a sad day to the enemies of the note. H Samsung, one of the last tires compared to a bench, has announced that it will start showing off-the-spot mobile phones, like most producers. At today 's writers' conference, the company introduced three different slot schemes that it intends to use for its devices in the near future. As we can see in the picture from the left to the right in the picture below, we have Infinity-U, Infinity-V and Infinity-O. Here are the names for the screens that will incorporate these.

As you can see, the three basic designs are shaped as the letters used to name. U a V are traditional slots, although they are less compared to what we have seen by other companies. Oh, On the other hand, it seems to be a note in the screen intended to house the front camera but in a strange situation outside the center that could alienate people more than usual when it comes to gaps.

The new plan Infinity looks like a border screen panel, something that we all expect, and that's probably the forefront of the future. Although other designs will only appear on mid-range devices. I just hope one can. In one way or another, the Samsung period with no left and right slotting devices has expired. Prepare yourself.