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Refundable Advance Payment Platform 4 Opened – Who is entitled to it | ECONOMY


“We’ve opened and we’re waiting for you”, said the Ministry of Finance and AADE, activating the platform for Repayable Priority 4, which will distribute 1.2 billion euros to thousands of companies and employees freelance.

The innovation at this stage is that the beneficiaries, who go into the application and fill in their details, will find the amounts they own directly and will have to consent to the payment only. It should be noted that 50% of the amounts are grant and not loan.

The beneficiaries of the support are:


Repayable increase: At 3.4 billion euros – Fourth installment next week

  • The Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Companies (DEYA) and the Port Establishments.
  • Private companies of all legal forms, including sole proprietorships, as well as not-for-profit companies that are subject to VAT, have their registered office or permanent establishment in Greece and operate legally, regardless of the Activity Code (COD), which together meet its criteria. paragraph 2 of article 3 of JMD GDOU 281/2020, as well as the condition of paragraph 3 of the above JMC.

The following are exempt:

  • Companies that employed more than one thousand (1,000) employees with a dependent employment relationship on September 1, 2020,
  • Legal Entities under Public Law (NPDD) and Legal Entities under Private Law (NPID) are municipal, inter-city, inter-community, inter-district, community and private enterprises, urban public benefit enterprises, urban cooperatives. companies, building control associations, fundraising committees, European economic groups, consortia, international organizations and political parties

Especially companies that:

  1. either has a principal operating KAD on 05.11.2020, one of those described in Appendix III, which is integral to this, or whose gross income is active at 05.11.2020 KAD of activity secondary 6 of those described in Appendix III, as These are derived from the initial income tax return for tax year 2018, more than the gross income equivalent to the main KAD at 05.11 .2020, they may be beneficiaries of the assistance and in case they do not show a reduction in turnover, provided that there is a turnover of companies that are subject to VAT, or gross reference income for companies that are not subject to VAT or that are by exception, more than three hundred (300) euros,
  2. located in areas affected by the natural disasters caused by the Mediterranean cyclone course “Ianos”, as they are delimited in the following data DAEFK-KE / 10330 / Α325 / 07.10 .2020 (Β ‘ 4431) and Δ.Α.Ε.Φ.Κ.- Κ.Ε. / 10331 / Α325 / 07.10.2020 (Β ‘4432) decisions of the Ministers for Finance, Development and Investment, Internal and Infrastructure and Transport. , they may be the beneficiaries – recipients of the assistance, and if they do not show a reduction in their turnover as referred to in this case, under De minimis Regulation 1407/2013 and subject to the conditions set out therein, on the provided that the turnover for VAT-exempt companies, or the gross reference income for non-VAT-exempt or exempt companies, exceeds three hundred (300) euros.

YPOIK: Payments will start early next week

The Financial Staff is proving to be consistent with the timescales it has set. From today, Friday 20/11/2020, beneficiaries of the 4th round of Refundable Advance Payment can submit to the electronic “myBusinessSupport” platform ( of AADE to apply for a donation with the help.

Payments will start early next week. The amount the beneficiaries receive from the financial plan will be presented directly on the electronic platform.

It is reminded that the Refundable Advance Payment 4 provides even more favorable conditions for the beneficiaries and the amount of non-refundable aid of 50%, provided that the level of employment is maintained until 31/3/2021.

The application process is completed in 2 stages:

Step 1: Complete the company’s required income expenditure data in the “MY REVENUE” application on the “myBusinessSupport” platform. Special attention should be paid when completing these elements, because once completed they cannot be modified.

Step 2: After completing the declaration in the “MY REVENUE” application, a final grant application must be completed and submitted through the “myBusinessSupport” platform, and specifically through the “RETURN 4 APPLICATION” application.

In the case of incorrect completion of the application, the application will only be modified on the same day.

The application platform will remain open until November 30, 2020.

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