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For a counterfeit and fictitious talk about Parliament's approval revision for post-surveys. Delegation in the House between Kammenos and Kikilias.

The Pan-Hellenic Military Association Federation (POMENS) asks officers to respond before adopting the amendment:

Is the right of donations really broken up forever?

Do our salaries really do not return to the 2012 levels?

Do we really do not pay our nightlife?

Do they really break us for retrospectively two years?

"All of this is the basis of work and injuries everyday, they fight our families. POMENS from May 2017 spoke to them in all directions. With the latest announcement, had informed who was in favor of the new salary, stating that the military will not get more fake, "said MOMENT.

At the same time, he calls "to be alert to every colleague, for co-operation, isolation of voices, spontaneous representatives, who have now proved to mislead the incoming Soldiers. The fake is last! "

Camden-Cicilia conflict

The government really supports the costumes, says President ANEL and Defense Minister, Panos Kammenos, during the discussion on the retrospective payment amendment . Mr Kammenos ND alleged that the government had agreed with the lenders that the amount given in 2014 as retrospective, recommending repayment and calling on the government forces accused of government from putting the horse back back to the Forces Arms outside the conflicts.

"Whoever flies the soldiers will see the soldiers a few days in their pocket. We will expect rather than object to say that you also agree to give justice and give them older people the government's money in 2012, "said Panos Kammenos who stressed that today" the most armed of the country of the Armed Forces "and should not be in the midst of political conflicts.

"You show incredibly unparalleled people who have reduced their income, unconstitutional, illegally and without any objection to say that today will be much less than what was anticipated and being torn off, "said Kammenos going to address ND guns.

In particular, for the return of 50% retrospective by ND, the National Defense Minister stated that ND had committed to the institutions that that amount would be re- pay back according to those who were retrospectively. "This is the first decision, with the possibility that the financial result will give us, to return their money into the victims of the great crisis, members of the Armed Forces and the Security Corps. the 50% donated by the ND was given to give the remaining 50% later, "said Panos Kammenos who complained" of the minutes of the discussions with the institutions, ND said, with 50% their government paid then their costumes. "

"The rehabilitation that we do today takes place following the measures taken in 2015 and 2016 and 2017, including the special wages for which this government has had legislative initiatives for removing injustice , "said National Defense Minister and Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras thanked the current development. At the same time, he noted that the Greek Armed Forces were practiced daily in conditions of war.

"A few months ago, the Greek country Baltadoros and Vassilios, two young children, family children with babies taught. Yesterday, Baltadorro's wife was in the Air Force feast. It's very important for people who lose their long-term lives and their families, who say goodbye to their work and do not know if they will return, "said the Minister for National Defense, emphasizing" must & These people have the support of the government, the people and all the political forces. "

Especially for the retrospective reform, he said the aim is for these people to continue with their important work with the morale and power of the Greeks . "Today, the day of the Feast of the Taxiarchs and the Air Force, we have had an important development. You know there is a protocol in relation to celebrations to avoid tensions and crimes. For the first time, we are has been asking for a license from Turkish aircraft to go to Athens FIR, so if we move forward with the power that prevents someone from stimulating, with a positive look in the future, with the peaceful coexistence of both of people, we will be able to build the future of our homeland, "said Kammenos, adding: Operators of the Armed Forces, who have now been restored for their terrible mistake in 2012, continue to fulfill their mission. We have an obligation and we are going to rehabilitate other injustices in relation to the payment of the Armed Forces and the Security Corps. "

Speaking a little later, ND MP Christos Staikouras said that the ND that made in 2014 will do that today will support the full recovery of storms.

On its behalf, Defense Commander ND Vassilis Kikilias said: "The fact is that these four years have been a problem for the military, because you have said that you would have brought a law and you did not. , you told them to register the money and you did not do it. You told them a lot of things. So, you're coming soon before the elections and you're backdrop. "He also noted" if the government had been retrospectively before Catrugal law, we would talk about other sums. " He also said that the amendment left the activity and for two classes outside for a year. He also indicated that these were recommended by the Military Unions.

The Defense Minister responded that the government had rectified everything of the payroll that needs to be corrected and indicated that the law on the special payroll was later than the catastrophic law and that the injustice of Castrolegal law had been restored and, u corrected.

"I have said that it would be the first law that I would support after leaving the memorandum," said Kammenos retrospectively, adding: "For our honor, our First Minister honored and said At the TIF that the first law came to Greece for free, this is the law for a retrospective recovery. A national sovereign grant was made and surrendered to lenders with Mr. Venizelos. You are responsible for giving sovereignty of the country, and this government is the government that took the country out of the memorandum. The government who deposits the first budget that the borrowers are not do it. This is the first government that redistributes justice to many, not for those that you have banned. "

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