Sunday , December 5 2021

Reach the ATHEX in the metro


An awful Saturday night setting was placed on the Golden Dawn when theA racing game at the metro station appeared in Monastiraki, as an eye witness, which described what he saw in Him.

According to the evidence, about 2 in the pension bulbs people wearing T-shirts. and sticks and banners, they fall into the subway dockets and after thriving, they call "Blood, honor, Golden Dawn" and "You live, you're driving us", for the 35-year-old killed in Vouliarates.

There were threats against passengers who were trying to hold events with their mobile phones in the scary Nazi show.

"Forgotten why we'll find you wherever you are" they threatened the eye witness when they tried to record the scene with the cellphone.

He said that the gold signs showed similar behavior to other passengers, which did not allow the collection of electrical tricks from the electrical areas.

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