Monday , May 23 2022

Quarry “in the air” between Kougia and Skorda for Notis Sfakianakis


“Stunned by the expulsion of Notis Sfakianakis with the announcement of his name,” said his lawyer, Alexis Kougias, while speaking on ANT1’s “Breakfast” show. Alexis Kougias said, among other things, he was impressed by the behavior of some police officers, leaving suggestions for targeted control of the well-known singer and mentioned an attempt to humiliate him.

“In a provocative way, as if he were a criminal, they drove him with handcuffs in front of all the TVs to de-escalate him,” said the well-known criminal.

However, the tension escalated with Alexis Kougia showing his annoyance with Faye Skorda’s questions, also speaking of a “show of intelligence”. The presenter continued to ask when an application for the firearms license was applied for, with the result that Alexis Kougias pulled out his headset and left. “Alex, don’t leave,” he shouted at him, but in vain.

Faye Skorda did not hide her annoyance, saying she “said what she wanted and didn’t let us ask”, as she went on a commercial break to call the offender.

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