Friday , June 24 2022

“Quarantine will be harder if the measures don’t work” – Newsbeast


In the end, as everything shows, it wasn’t an accident the angry report of government representative Stelios Petsas on SMS circumcision.

If, in fact, what journalist Takis Hatzis said in the main Alpha news bulletin with Antonis Schroeter is verified, then things for all of us in the near future will become even more difficult.

According to the journalist’s report, the government will wait another week to see if the restrictive measures will be implemented in their current form. If something doesn’t change then there are already suggestions on the table for “harder quarantine»!

If these do not work we will go into a different situation which will include a complete traffic ban from 21:00 onwards, without exception!

At the same time he pointed out that the six reasons for sending SMS in 13033 will be reduced if measures tighten.

Watch the video with the journalist’s intervention, here.

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