Saturday , May 21 2022

Post Office General: Prevents services – “suffocating” from orders


The General Post Office is suspending some of its services, after the large number of orders due to the lock down but also in light of the holidays, as it announced.

In particular, the company claims that “the long-awaited suspension of the operation of retail stores and the unbalanced outlook for reopening time have created suffocation pressures in all transport networks”.

This pressure is expected to intensify in the coming days due to the festive season, because, traditionally, during this time there is a vertical rise in retail sales that, in current conditions, is served exclusively by shopping at online and thus ultimately with the buyer through courier services.

He added: “At the General Post Office we have created the necessary infrastructure in a timely manner so that we can handle volumes up to 60% increased compared to the” normal “period. However, the pressure placed on the market already exceeds this possibility with the direct consequence of the creation of dysfunctional phenomena. [καθυστερήσεις, λάθη, ζημιές, παράπονα κτλ]. It is not trivial to note that in a few cases consumers lack complete understanding [αποστολείς ή παραλήπτες], a weakness associated with the completely wrong [και σαφώς υποτιμημένη] a look at the specific service that is the main object of General Post’s business.

In these circumstances and for the duration of this abnormal situation, we have to take some measures so that, on the one hand, we maintain a good level of service like Universal Mail and on the other working at General Post works as graciously as possible. ».

Services suspended

1. all additional services are suspended immediately with the exception of the basic service, either single or cash on delivery, special consignments signposted, Saturday delivery, delivery in areas which cannot be reached.

2. The new “VIP load” service can be used for any emergency. It has increased costs, is provided in a specific area and has no unlimited possibilities, created for such cases only.

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