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Poll – "Bomb": It's over! See the difference SYRIZA – SW – Newsbomb – News

An impressive reduction in distance between SYRIZA and ND three days before the European elections survey she Kapa Research held on behalf of "generations", Note the difference at 3.4%.

Closing the "partition" leaves the game open and points to a harrowing game. In particular, the SYRIZA accounting for 24.4% and h News Drepublic 27.8% with the FINAL to remain fourth with 6.3%, as the third place is Golden Dawn (6.9%) and the fifth KKE with 5.3%.

From the percentages it seems the third place will be a critical battle between the Golden Dawn, Movement Movement, and Communist Party of Greece.

It's amazing that the new measurement has to be done weekend 21-22 May, the last week of the period before the election, confirms an upward trend and dynamics of the figure SYRIZA – Progressive league as time goes through the vote.

Smaller parties

Her research Kapa Research highlights and reinforces bilingualism, with the two main parties accounting for 55.2% with each other – considered particularly high for the European elections. In fact, it can even reach 60%.

It also seems that 11.1% of voters are still undecided.

At the same time, for the smaller parties, the survey shows that the Greek solution with 2.9%, the River with 2.4%, the MPP 25 and 1.9, has the potential to claim seats or seats in the European Parliament. % and possibly the Independent Greeks of 1.8%.

The key findings are also the response of participants (1,004 citizens) to the question "Who is the leader who wants to be strengthened by the European elections?".

34% say Kyriakos Mitsotakis, but – very close – another 30% note Alexis Tsipras. At the same time, 19% responded to "another political leader", 15% "no" and 2% did not respond.

What will affect the citizens' vote

In terms of the issues that will affect the citizens' vote, the first factor is the economy with 52%, followed by a "Greece course in Europe" with 40%.

The third most important factor influencing the vote for the European Parliament is the Immigration (35%), with 'ideology'; Voters occupy the same percentage (35%). The issue of the Prespa Agreement accounted for 29%.



Source: Journal of Ethnos

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