Sunday , December 5 2021

PAOK: "There is no justification for the team's hot disconnection"


PAOK FC, in the report of the Bike player training report, states that the seasonal justification of a team that has often been a character in difficult times is not frequent.

For part of the training, Beirinia followed a single program after his injury, while Leo Mathos, Razvan Lutscu for the game with Panetolikos, will not present his penalty due to cards.

On the disposal of a 49-year-old PAOK technician, however, Zos Maurizio, who will be claiming a place in the initial line of Decimal, has set for the game against Panetolikos.

Detailed PAOK PAE reports:

PAOK has given him a difficult situation to qualify for the Europa League 32. Fact. He did not show his good fortune for re-fighting Vinti. Fact. And here is the negative side of things that are usually common.

We look at the other side. PAOK is still in the qualifying game. As he is the only one to be in the championship even though he starts with -2.

Does both these games justify the overwhelming disappointment? Obviously, because Bicephalos wants to win in each game. What is not justified is the hot disconnection of a group that could be in full form, but it has often shown its character.

In such cases, the next game is the best drug and PAOK in two days going back to the stadium to face Panetoliko.

In a debate that will fight without the Beirins, Matos due to injury and punishment, respectively. Here are the only problems faced by Razvan Lutscu after Maurizio returned.

On Friday (09.11) those who fought against Windy followed a rehabilitation and rehabilitation program and the rest worked in circulation and fitness.

On Saturday (10 November) PAOK will train at 5:00 pm at the Toumba Stadium.

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