Saturday , October 1 2022

On December 1st, Voting is voted


H Prespa Agreement retired, at least the front line of domestic news. In the neighboring country, however, it moves gradually but gradually towards completing the predicted constitutional change. In this context, Senedd Macedonian's Constitutional Affairs Committee approved the fourth and last draft amendments to the Constitution introduced by the government.

The previous days had anticipated adopting the other three amendments. The next step has to be scheduled for December 1, when the House of the Meeting is expected to vote on the draft amendments to the Constitution. For approval, an absolute majority is needed (61 MPs at 120).

Immediately after that, a public consultation will follow and the final third phase of the constitutional reform process will begin, and the government will present its final proposals to Senedd on the content of the constitutional reforms to be discussed in Plenary in Parliament. The third stage will be completed with the final vote, which requires a majority of two thirds (80 deputies to 120).

Although things are relatively quiet in Skopje, there have been some reactions. The buses carried protesters to the city of Ohrid to protest ahead of the houses of the VMRO-DPMNE deputies who voted in favor of constitutional changes in the Skopje parliament. Again, the protests organizer was the "Makedonian Blockira" citizens initiative with the help of the pro-Bosnian pro-Bosnian "Eninstvena Macedonia" by Yanko Bachev.

Protestants gathered outside the Skopje cathedral and called slogans such as "No treason," "no vote on constitutional changes." These light responses, however, do not belong to prime minister Skopje, who, after winning the "yes" in the first voting on the constitutional reform in Skopje, has won a winning air, making many appearances public, probably relaxing. Although it completes the constitutional review step by step, the main objection shakes.

At this stage, however, Athen does not have an interest in his mood and good luck Zoran Zaev, as he moves tired. This is even acknowledged by the officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who have supported the Prespa Agreement. The proposed changes leave windows for future discrimination of the term "Northern Macedonia" and try to change the Prespa Agreement unilaterally.

In Athens there was a movement as soon as these changes were introduced, which appeared that the name "Macedonia" had not been replaced everywhere in the Constitution by "Northern Macedonia". At the same time, there was excitement in legal and diplomatic circles around article 49 of the Constitution, which has caused concern to the Republic of the Republic, Prokopis Pavlopoulos, but also to the former Foreign Minister, Nikos Kotzias. Mainly in terms of the ambiguity created for nationality and ethnicity.

At the same time, the neighboring country maintains a policy of closed boundaries to prevent migrants from entering Greece. In addition, Zaev's government proposal was approved to extend the crisis system to the border with Greece and Serbia a few days ago by the Viking Parliament and will be in force until June 2019.

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