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Olympiakos – Panathinaikos 1-1: Cisse equals Ketsa – the everlasting Derby golf course


After 0-1 Olympiakos was tightly pushed, Cisey became the next player to Mano and the departure of the excellent Bouatouki led by Panathinaikos to a passive role. Kotsaris made interventions that kept green, Omar had a bar, the Swiss referee refuses to shoot a penalty in the Makedas hand, and Cisse saved the point for Olympiacos at 95.

Here are the seven things we learned from Derby in George Karaiskakis.


Olympiacos was in the atmosphere to push Panathinaikos, both to find a high cliff and to close the green in half their own. Not only did Donald's team show quiet when he was building low, but there was also a way to get rid of the ball well. Hatziyivanis and Bouzoukis, who played 3-4-3 at the end of the game, came in the middle of the game and took the ball behind Olympiacos.

The extreme red-white bang did not follow them, and when they did, Insua-Johanson took steps to climb to the sides. Bouzoukis was particularly great in this role.

However, Panathinaikos had a problem of the name Cishe. The Senegals had overseen Macenda and won the largest Italian fighting, releasing him out of play and development.

So Panathinaikos's good image could not be translated into an aggressive threat, with only one final in the Doni team in the first 45th.


The presence of NATO may have deprived the Kamaras Olympics, but the Reds had good traffic and direct changes to the game by the Israeli. However, Panathinaikos's full protection had excellent reactions. The Reds were final, but their great opportunity was one.

In the 30s, Martins Potentine came to the left and, in fact, survived the side, since no-one was playing right for the Olympiacos: Fortune was there, but there is a # 39 ; n probably it becomes central. He found Portugal Fortune out of the area, continued to run, and took the gap from his captain, but he played anemic, with Djudi to get out quickly and the top up of the ball.

The problem for Olympiacos was that Kace-Kourbelis "forced" Fortunus away from the place that could become dangerous outside the semicircle, forced it to a few connections and play is on court.


Baseline Hassan started and may not have scored, but again showed why it should be in the lights. Egypt has the way to find a final and in 45 minutes Olympiacos has had three of its team's finals, the only one running in the area.

At the end of the first half Hassan fell to the ground with a knee problem, finally went to the locker room and did not come back from them. Christodoulopoulos took his place at the top, with Podetene holding alone on the left.


Lazaros sent the ball to the net in just three minutes, but the goal did not count as the Swiss player stopped earlier.

In the fortune of Fortunus on the right, Dudoudes fell during the ball and his head ended with a bad conflict with Natcho knee who went to the show. The Panathinaikos goalkeeper stayed for a long time and left with a special vehicle. The second change in the game against Kotsari under the Panathinaikos goal goal, with a 22-year-old play for the first time in the Premier League.


Panathinaikos continued to move the ball bravely, but did not lose the attack. After 61 Bouzouki's actions, Panathinaikos took on, Makedas tried to get into atomic energy and the ball fell to Kace outside. The Scots shook the ball from Bach Buchalakis and in the stall he operated with the right and sent the ball to the gap Sa that even caught the ball.

Martins responded to Manou's access to Buchalakis immediately, with Natha coming lower to play by Gilliere. Panathinaikos found another opportunity immediately. At 63 Hatziyivanis on the left, Said on Maceda's feet, the ball pushed Insua, but Argentina played high.


In the 70's, the Dune to Munie became Bouzouki and Panathinaikos post losing the game. Olympiakos started taking momentum and filling in to the area continuously. At 76 Gülherme went to the center of Koutri, but the ball went off. The weight of Olympiacos grew and Panathinaikos began to defend with great difficulty, while in 77 Kamaras came to the Nathos site.

In 83, Kotsaris said "no" to Lazar in a dirty. In the corner that followed, Olympiacos asked to shoot a penalty in Makedas care, with the ball to see clearly in the hand of Italy. In the next round, the Reds shot a new penalty in the Hatzigiovani stage, and after a corner corner of Omar outside Omar, it was found in the Kotsari right bar.


Cice played for Olympiacos, with Panathinaikos having a hard time holding the ball after leaving Bouzouki of the game. Ultimately the Reds were right to 95%. As a result of the low rise of Kamaras, Omar was discovered in the area, Norwegian dropped to the side of the fire and pushed Cisse in touch with the second piece with the ball into nets

In the new 96th edition, Fortune puts his head on the line, and Kotsari is low and holds 1-1.

Race identity

Stadium: "George Karaiskakis"

Referee: Andrien Jacobet (Switzerland)

Assistants: Jan Coebeel (and Switzerland) Vital Jobin (Switzerland)

OLYMPIAKOS (Pedro Martins): Sa, Omar, Cisse, Vukovic, Koutris, Buchalakis (63 & Manos), Gilliere, Natho (77 & Kamara), Fortunis, Podehenes, Hassan (46 & 39; Christodoulopoulos).

PANATHINAIKOS (Giorgos Diis): Dioudis (53 Kotsaris), Johansson, Koolimbali, Kolovetzio, Mavromatis (73 & Pugouras), Insua, Kace, Kourbelis, Hatziyivanis, Bouzouki (70 & Muni), Makedas.

Aim: 95 & Sisser/ / 61 & Sit down

Cards: 52 & Natho / 90 & # 39; Kotsaris, 91 & Johansson, 92 & # 39; Shot

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