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NTUA is saying farewell to Giorgos Skourtis

NTUA is saying farewell to Giorgos Skourtis

The National Theater of North Greece expresses its sadness for the loss of George Skourtis, a great author and theatrical author and the "enriched" of the Greek letters sealed in his bold writing and the free spirit of the new Theatre, influencing them later theatrical writers .

Giorgos Skourtis was born in Athens in 1940. He first appeared in 1970 at the Charles Kun Theater of Art with the "The Nantes" work, the work of the contemporary Greek dramatist, followed by a number of important plays.

He has written a number of plays, novels, short stories, song lyrics, scripts, and he has never given the best acting and creative. He has also referred all his plays, on stage, on television, on radio. He has dealt with the address and has signed translations of Aristophanes and Shakespeare.

With the novel "Birba-George … It was alone alone" (1980), and then created "The More and More" (1981) and "Stories with Many Strasses" (1989) " cut "is even a Greek literary field. Giannis Markopoulos has a poem about "Immigrants" being melted by Giannis Markopoulos and describes in the most authentic way that a fate of thousands of Greeks have to go to migration to Western West Directors. The reason is that "" A highest song against the war, in an interpretation by Nikos Xylouris … to Mr. j and "digynsail" with music by Kostas Karalis and the interpretation of Tolis Voskopoulos, a sign of the multilateral range.

He was President of the Association of Greek Theatrical Writers.

He has worked with the National Theater in the following performances:

"Nightmares" by Giorgos Skourtis, led by Petros Zivanos (2005)

"Cyclops" by Euripides, translated by George Skourtis and directed by Giorgos Armenis (1988)

"Clouds" by Aristophanes, translated by Yorgos Skourtis and directed by ErsisVasilikiotis (1986)

"Clouds" by Aristophanes, translated by Giorgos Skourtis and directed by Giorgos Remoundos (1978)

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