Monday , September 26 2022

Nomads Survivors' assault brings the first tensions – Newsbeast


The "Assailants" came in with wild moods Names. According to ANT1, the first crises have already started between the "Optional" and the "Assailants", the former Survivor players come and play.

His previous players Survivor they attacked Nomads, and at first glance, laughter was made. The selectors were shocked when they saw them and the boats started almost immediately, from the first event.

As Ugharezos Dimitris said at Breakfast: "When the rest of you see you, you can not imagine what happened! The first game between Christos Vassilopoulos and Costas Anagnostopoulos was created, almost caught in the hands. , Orestis Chang and Dimitris Marmaras are "DIMAR", while the third opponent is Nassos Paparipoulos and Alexander Sirs.

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