Saturday , May 28 2022

Motion to establish a dialogue committee today in the Greek Hierarchy


Mr Ieronymos intends to set up a committee to hold a dialogue on the points of the agreement.

Archbishop of Athens, Mr Ieronymos, chooses to turn the tone to the hierarchy of the Greek Church through the dialogue, according to the current government (a). The climate among 82 metropolitans of the Greek Church is clearly negative against the agreement introduced by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras with Mr. Ieronymos, and rejecting today would represent a high political defeat to Mr Jerome. His dissatisfaction for notifying the agreement, but indirectly, and against his content, has also been expressed by the Ecumenical Patriarch, Mr. Vartholomaios.

In particular, following the intense reactions to the key points of the agreement, such as salary clergy and their work status, the Hierarchy has now convened, which includes 82 Country Church Metropolitanians Greek. According to Mr Ieronymos, in his contribution, he will try to solve the metropolitan questions, many of whom have disagreed with the clergy to give them the best to be civil servants and to be paid directly from the state budget.

At the same time, Mr Ieronymos intends to set up a dialogue committee on points of agreement, as the state-state agreement includes the provision for religious neutrality and exploitation of ecclesiastical property as well as clergy's wages.

The dialogue will not have a specific schedule, and it can not be ruled out that the uniform cost is empty after the national elections. In addition, times in the Church are usually slow.

However, choosing to establish a committee, having regard to the "instrument" of the dialogue on a regular basis in order not to make difficult political decisions, has made part of the Hierarchy the conviction that Mr Ieronymos moves to avoid refusing the agreement by the majority of the Hierarchy .

Indicative metallic statements continued yesterday against the proposed deal. It is also striking that "the knives have come out" and between metropolitians that have formed a different position for the deal. Typically, open pictures yesterday were abolished by the metropolitan Ioannina Maximos to the Demetrias Ignatios metropolitan and Messinia Chrysostomos for the statements they made on the rights of the clergy and against the agreement. "When it comes to a metropolitan and I say that I love the clergy more than you, says something that can not stand. We once had the workers, once, and now we've even found out throwing papadopathers. If possible, "said Ioannina metropolitan, who was among those who drafted the deal.

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