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Mattie Valbueen: He deserved his money – Olympiacos

The 35-year-old French midfielder (born September 28, 1984) is expected to be in our country by Tuesday (28/5) to pass the exam and if everything runs smoothly. signed the "white-white" that went after the case for two months.

Valbueña has taken part in two World Cups (2010, 2014), one Euro (2012), and has won a Championship with Marseille (2009-2010), three French Cups (2009-2010, 2010-2011, 2011-2012) and two Super French Cups (2010-2011, 2011-2012). No recommendations of value are required. But what is it? How has his presence in Fenerbahce in the last two years? Was it worth the 3,000,000 euros a year he had agreed with a Turkish team when he signed in 2017? And why did Fener leave?

The club's analyst with most of the leagues in the neighboring country, Ahmet Selim Kul (from, has analyzed Valbueen's t His answers to six key questions about the great footballer could continue his career in Olympiacos.

Valbuenas with Turkish journalist Ahmet Selim Koul

– How would you describe his two years of staying in Fenerbahce?

"Fenerbahce did not win the championship for the last two years, but his team was not as strong as Valbuenas did not play in most games, but most had conflicting views on whether to play The fence was not good for two years because he did not win the championship, but for Valbuenas himself I'd say it was good years. He was a fan of the stage.

– Have you helped Fenerbahce with her appearances? Worth it, do you think the money you agreed to?

"In his first year at the start of the season, the game started, but after the battle with Osmaninspor, he sat on the bench because he was defensive and he was in the game in the last few minutes." Valbueña started scoring and betting in aid, so fans can judge coach Aikut Kocsan, and anyway, we can say that Valbueña helped Fener, he was a great assistant, and no one can say that he did not offer the team. I think how they deserved it. "

– In what situation did he compete mainly in Fener?

"He was fighting at the left end, but he turned to the right, less in a" 10 "position, small toys for accuracy, and there were times we played very, but not so often.

– How is it like a character as you lived in these two years?

"I can say a lot of good things about his character, he loves football and he gave everything to the stadium, he was fighting until the end, he was fighting for every ball t and when he didn't play, he didn't complain, he didn't cause any problems, he was struggling hard to win back to his place, he gave football joy to him. "

– Do you think it will help Olympiacos in the Greek league and in Europe?

"The truth is that it is no longer a small one, we grow up at 35. It may not play in all the games, but in general I believe it will help Olympiacos." My smart player, experienced and, as I said, I love I believe his weapon and his ability to fight will help, especially in the Greek league, the t scoring and sharing can help with the same skill. "

– Did he face injuries to Fenerbahce? Why do you think he did not renew his contract? Did he want to leave?

"Sometimes he was injured, yes, he did not do many injuries, but the team felt that Valbueña was getting bigger and that he had started to do more injuries, which Fener men supported. , the player is more likely to be injured, the player met the administration and made that decision, and we have to say that there is enough money in his contract that led the team to this decision. "


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