Thursday , August 18 2022

Lock-down: Phone calls were cut for complaints – 11,662 calls in a single day and 1,776 crimes


A total of 57,722 investigations and 1,776 breaches of epidemiological warning measures were recorded yesterday (November 9) by the competent inspection services (EL.AS, Coastguard, DIMEA, EAD, Athens DA).

In total, fines totaling € 242,000 were imposed and suspension of operation in 1 store (x 15 days).

Hellenic Police are responsible for the main volume of checks (53,754)

Main Offenses:

1. Do not use a mask

2. Do not send sms

3. No displacement certificate displayed

4. Not adhering to the special operating rules in KYE

5. Not adhering to the rules of operating public markets

Particular emphasis was placed on the issue of pedestrian and vehicle movements (customs stations, MMM, shipping, EIX and EDX) with the regulators, particularly on Saturday mornings, to get the character of informing citizens about the new measures.

At the same time, inspections continued in Hospitality Units for the Elderly, Healthcare Stores (transportation, transportation and drive-through), grocery stores and public markets.

Typical case

One (1) store of health interest was suspended for fifteen (15) days for failing to keep the opening hours of the stores of health interest.

The complaints center

The Ministry of Development and Investment’s 1520 complaint call center, regarding adherence to measures against COVID-19, received a total (09/11/20) eleven thousand six hundred and sixty-two (11,662)

Complaints regarding compliance checks against COVID-19 were sent to the relevant audit services.

The inspections will continue with an undetermined intensity throughout the territory based on the evolution of the epidemiological data and in relation to the information from 1520 and the other data collected by the health and management authorities.

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