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Lakis Lazopoulos: The struggle to keep his wife alive


Lakis Lazopoulos was invited to the Nikos Hatzinikolaou show on Monday night (10/11), in an interview full of material

The popular actor with his disarming honesty talked about many things while not hesitating to respond to what his critics had heard for so many years.

Initially, he commented on the television horizon and the trend that has existed in recent years over the disappearance of political discourse on television in contrast to the past.

“They don’t want a political speech on television. They see politics as heavy. We have entered an apolitical age in the sense that ignorance has become a banner.” The fact that you don’t know history and that you have no historical memory and in a way devalue everything in judgment, but in fact it is ignorance “, he noted, among others, Lakis Lazopoulos.

The emotion for his mother and wife

During his conversation with Nikos Hatzinikolaou, Lakis Lazopoulos referred to his “dead” mother and wife.

Specifically, the actor speaking to Nikos Hatzinikolaou said:

“I have ways to talk and let people go, but I miss that I can’t give them something, that is, the joy I got from listening to them doesn’t exist, so there’s a piece of your joy is thrown.

Assuming you have some resources to get something or to donate, it doesn’t exist.

From the beginning, what we had discussed with my daughter was that I am a soldier, I am at war but if I am killed I am killed.

I decide if I’m open, I never wanted to risk my own people “.

He then added:

“Tassoula’s adventure lasted three years and through listening to various things.

People should not have known, because then you become a victim. You please people and say “I’m going through this, give me this”. From the beginning, I had made this clear, under no circumstances am I going to be a victim. I do not know how I wrote the book about the battle of Tassoula.

He dropped the pencil and wanted to write on his own. We can’t stop it. It was like saying behind the fort for me to make the war, some people were waiting for me and supporting me “.

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