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Lack of hand feeling: All possible causes [λίστα]


Numbness is described as one or two hands such as loss of feeling, or weakness in your hand or your fingers.

Often, the numbness in the hand there are other changes, such as feeling like pinching "pin-and-needles", or a burning sensation, or something like tingling. Generally your hand, palm, or fingers may feel weak or unnecessary.

Numbness can occur along one nerve in one hand, or it may occur in both hands.


The numbness in the hand is usually caused by damage, itching or compression of one of the nerves in your arm and / or wrist.

Diseases affecting peripheral nerves, such as diabetes, it can also cause numbness, although you will have similar symptoms on your feet first.

Your doctor will need detailed information about your symptoms to diagnose the causes of your numbness. In fact, you may need a variety of tests to confirm the case before you start the proper treatment.

Possible causes of numbness are one of your hands or both of them include:

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