Friday , June 24 2022

Koupkas announced new measures to support the restaurant


“We’re really breaking our minds to support Thessaloniki’s business,” said the deputy mayor of Finance, announcing changes at the end.

“Changes will be common area fees“, Announced his Deputy Mayor of Finance Municipality of Thessaloniki Michalis Koupkas.

Speaking to Radio North, he noted that the proposal had already been submitted. “First of all, we increase the dose in all health-interest companies, in six installments during the year and in addition we give incentives, those who pay the full amount on time, to get a 15% discount. These are after the lock, of course, after the companies reopen. We do what we can, we’re here and we’re going to do it, and we’re we really broke our minds to support Thessaloniki’s business “.

Mr Koupkas reminded that the 12.5% ​​reduction in municipal fees and the lock-down exemption will also apply this year, while the town hall has taken all necessary measures for citizen remote service.

“Citizens do not even need to call Thessaloniki Civic. We solved it a long time ago. Apart from the fact that the coronavirus has accelerated administrative reform processes within Thessaloniki Municipality, we have now placed the electronic debt ID on So many people don’t need to come to the civic fund in person, but beyond that, the phones usually work, there’s a call center, but for those who More familiar with the technology, there is a whole area in our website, the electronic appointment and the use of taxi codes, so that we too we certify which citizen we are dealing with, can be served on In the first month of running this application, out of the 1,200 citizens who used it, 750 were served entirely electronically. “Good practice remains the legacy of its future use and, in fact, they are constantly evolving and of better quality for all one of us ”, he noted.

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