Monday , January 17 2022

J2US: All the couples appearances, the surprises and the grief at the departure


J2US: Tonight, the surprises, the moments of emotion, the dance and the song were the main elements of the magical show that kept us company on TV.

Last Saturday he stole the show with enjoyable performances, “tending” with over 70,000 tweets, distributing rich gifts and keeping us in the best company, in an evening of fun and entertainment.

Tonight “Just The 2 of Us” became even more dynamic and promised from the very first moment an evening full of surprises and statements!

Oh. Nikos Koklonis in this living he welcomed a favorite artist, an authentic folk singer who knows what true fun is.

The favorite was found on the “Just The 2 of Us” stage Vasilis Karras who woke everyone to sing old and new hits taking off the night!

The couples have now reached the final ten and the road to the final is reserved … surprise and exclamation! Despina Vandi, Maria Bakodimou, Vicky Stavropoulou and Stamatis Fasoulis they were ready from the first moment to make it difficult for them, as the demands were growing.

The coach responded to the judges ‘scores and comments on the players’ performance, George Theofanous; Which couples gained jury and audience reception and which were at risk? Which of them left the show?

Let’s see in photos the couple’s appearances:

Watch the couples’ appearances in the following videos:

But which couple said goodbye to the magical show? Watch the video below with the announcement of Nikos Koklonis:

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