Friday , May 27 2022

"In 2018 I balanced with personal"


What he revealed to him Eleni Menegaki for her new relationship

One of the best stages of his life seems to pass Andreas Georgiou. A well-known actor and director of the successful Alpha "Tattoo" series are doing well in his professional and personal life.

According to recent reports, hit the "door" of the "angel of happy love". In particular, Andreas Georgiou found a love in the eyes of Simonimos Christodoulou, who works in Tattoos. According to the same information, their relationship began about four months ago, as their daily co-operation brought them very close. In addition, their friendly circle talks about great love.

The well-known actor was invited on Friday afternoon to the show by the presenter Menegaki's presenter indirectly but he was clearly asking for his personal life. "Do you travel in your free time?" Helen asked, and replied Andreas: "Yes, I'm traveling and I like it. Even weekend … I feel that I'm leaving everything, & & I hit my cell phone. I'm over there and I'm scared. My eyes are seeing scenes and other situations. "" How well did you bring them in 2018? " The presenter asked the correspondent the whole point, and the actor said, "In 2018 I was in a balance that I needed to tell you the truth. I can lose something. If I were saying I'm losing something, I'll be fun. I'm happy, I'll be very well. I'm full. "

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