Thursday , May 26 2022

I feel social isolation but it doesn’t pull me down


After Natalia Tsaliki returned from years of television absence and participating in the most popular television series Wild Bees. He spoke to “Tvos Tv” on the effects of the coronavirus pandemic in theaters but also in her life.

How do you think things will turn out in the theater?
I can’t know. And I don’t think anyone knows what image the theater will have from now on. I feel that a lot will change when it all goes away and that it will be for the better.

How is coronavirus responsible for your daily life?
I try, as everyone imagines, not to let my thoughts be occupied by constant negative thoughts. Find ways to exercise at home, walk in the fresh air, listen to music, watch good movies, read books I had never encountered, and talk to my own people as often as I can. I do everything that can give me joy and distract myself from the negative atmosphere around, the moment I cannot change.

Do you feel what we call “social isolation”?
Yes, but it doesn’t knock me down! We will meet again with more longing for hugs.

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