Saturday , May 28 2022

Huawei is preparing a smartphone with a quad camera and 10x optical zoom


Chair of Consumer Business Group Huawei in Europe, Walter Ji, have made some quite interesting statements in a recent interview about the research and development activities of the company and the smartphones in the future that they will prepare.

Mr. admitted Ji is Samsung the first to offer a four-camera camera to the public Galaxy A9 (2018)however, emphasize that Huawei It can even do better because of its knowledge in the category of smartphones. In particular, he said that optical zoom 3x or 5x is not enough for its engineers and therefore they have put the pressure on camera development with 10x optical zoom, without explaining whether it will be completely optical or will be achieved with Digital hybrid zoom in the camera's camera is their own device.

He also reiterated that entry and mid-level allegations do not leave much space for innovation and will therefore remain committed to the goal of decommissioning Samsung in the high-end category. It is worth noting that Huawei has been considering Android devices Go too, but they have left it because most markets are not satisfied with what the stock version is from. Android operating system offers.

Prepare for it Huawei P30 with quad camera a 10x optical zoom; In six months, if not earlier by leaks, we will learn it!


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