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High "business" names lose their fort …


Amalia-Alinda Kalofolia: Tali Ekali

The strong ex-publicist of the "Express" economic newspaper has been bankrupt for four years but still remains in Ekali and works with the elite of the secular Army.

At the beginning of January, her home is auctioned on the island of Spetses for debts of € 4,435,803 to a bank after the collapse and collection of her newspaper.

This is a traditional house in the "Pitiousa" residential complex, which is breathing away from the old port and Mrs. canteen. Sulpholias during the summers.

Although she received a subsidy of € 7,100 in 2010 for the reorganization of the newspaper, the first approved installment of the 14,200,000 euro continued to be a wealthy publisher.

Three years later, the newspaper closed with unpaid workers for two years, which was discovered on the road without compensation, while she was bankrupt.

As well as the auction, the ex-publisher is invited to return with a recent government decision and seven million euros. Those that have not been used to reorganize the newspaper according to the investigation of whether their rules for rescuing and restructuring companies in difficulty have been respected.

Vassiliki & Stylianos Fokas: Their debts are still on track

Many also remember the unique blue mark "Fokas", the clothing store group that grew from Thessaloniki in the middle of the last decade.

Mrs. Vassiliki Foka was the managing director and everything seemed rolling well until the start of the crisis that was soon in the business that established the father of Leeds and his brothers.

It only took two years for the group to be bankrupt, after accumulated debts of 80,000,000 euros, leaving hundreds of unpaid workers payable.

Until then, Phokas was a company that had grown in Thessaloniki before entering the Athens market with significant shops at Stadiou and Ermou.

Some people still remember the dozens of brands that existed in the department stores, the famous party, and the Fokas Basilica to distribute smile among the fellows.

Today, this woman is mentioned in the auction documents as an "unknown residence" rather than brother Stelios, a man of much lower tins.

The house that comes out on the hammer for debts of 102,200 euros on November 21st is a ground floor store in Thessaloniki, half squared with an initial price of 63,000 euros.

Achilles Floros: It's worth 2,544,000 euros

Mr Achilles Floros has been well-known for decades for those who have been involved in energy, not only because of their connections with people of politics and business.

He became very well-known when his name, thanks to Aristides Floros, was part of the Energa-Hellas Power scandal as a scandal of energy that shaken the country.
The father and son were imprisoned at Korydallos after being arrested and accused, and Achilles Floros today is free but very limited because he owes 2,544,000 euros to a bank.

Therefore, on December 19, a family apartment in Filothei will be auctioned by the financial institution at an initial price of 995,000 euros.

This house belongs to Achilles Floro, Alice's wife and daughter, Carolina, with a total area of ​​225 m². and has been located in one of the best places in Filothei.

Giorgos Chonaios: Deposit and Debts

Fifteen years ago since the "Florina Juice" collapses, but George Honiou's accounts with tens of millions of euros have not yet been closed.

In a list of debtors 2016, Florina A. Chonaios had debts of € 83,083,071 due to bankruptcy that left hundreds of employees on the street.

These people shouted Mr Chonio for the company's shortcomings, but their voices were unfavorable to business ears.

On December 19, the factory comes to the hammer or, to be precise, the residues that rotate within an area of ​​fifty acres in the Anthemounta area of ​​Polygyros, Chalkidiki. The first offer price is 375,000 euros, while in the seizure report, the tragic situation of the old factory, which has suffered extensive harm, damage, vandalism and disturbance is described. There is something that does not concern George Honius, who has been doing business in Bulgaria – who found the money, thinks a lot – taking his juice. Here, everyone was thirsty and left only …

Gerasimos Agoudimos: Y Gwestai a & # 39; r Weddw

The legendary Captain-Makis may have left life, but the remains and debts left behind continue to pursue his heirs and Anthi-Marina's wife.

The woman standing by him during his beautiful exile in Lugano, Switzerland, where he moved permanently after the collapse of his great shipping company.

This one, who is the fraud traveler of the name of the shipping dogs, has broken any record of delays in arriving at the Aegean and Dodecanese to Piraeus Islands.

When he saw the end disappeared from the country together with his wife and was permanently set in an excellent apartment in Lugano, with a great view of the lake of homonym.

On December 5, a bank that was electrically auctioned for two line debt in Anavyssos for 36,000 and € 75,000 respectively.

This is the second time they will come out on the hammer, an example of a fortune in Greece, and left the owner of a reliable ship after he made it to Switzerland. He has never turned back, leaving sailors, suppliers, companies and unpaid banks, and was permanently absent from many trials that followed and worried about his "critical" empire that wrote his entire episode different on Greek coastal ships.

Petzetakis: Giorges a parcel en Patras

It was once a symbol of Greek business, intrusion and innovation, a wonderful company that had left its competitors unhappy. Today, only the great group established by the tasty Aristotleos Petzetakis, an entrepreneur who has a sudden perception, has left nothing. George's son, who succeeded in "Petzetakis" after his sudden death, had not been a worthy follower of the striking path that the company had traveled to his father's hands. He was more concerned about the needs of Gabriela's husband as he had been writing about the magnificent sunny days in Florida. Where he sold a villa of 1500 square meters M. he sold him in 2011, a few weeks after his arrest for public debts, when the company was now going for the lock.

With accrued debts more than half a billion euros, all its assets went to the hammer, even a piece of land in Kioniona, in Vraineika, Patras.

It comes out for the second time at the auction on the 29th of the month, after the first one held last year was managed for a price of 88,000 euros for the interested person.

What was left of a fortune once a group assembled who established his son and his son dissolved, which turned very little in the circumstances.

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