Monday , June 27 2022

Goumas: "We do not have any stomach from Spain and Germany" Soccer: Greece and Greece


Analytically what he said in "FM SPORTS":

For the National Youth batch: "This group has many qualitative solutions and nothing to pray for these children, from Italy, Germany, Spain. What's happening is the racing speed, because they are not playing in their teams I am not against foreign football players I appeal to teams to provide opportunities and psychology for these players to appear. 39; i will say and I'll call it again. These players do not have any scandal. "

For the development of these children: "Limnius, Koulouris, Galanopoulos have been or can be found in the National Men, this is our joy, they are young children, their thoughts are rising from the managers. comment, go abroad and get the Greek flag high ".

About the National Youth Aim: "Our goal is to play a good football. It's not just the goals for me, but the fact that we are creating. Today, 11 goals in goal, with Gibraltar 27. We want to produce football and play logically. "

For the problem of the Neo National players"It's not better for these children to take 5 or 10 minutes. It does not work like this. There's a lot of xenomania that will eat and eat. These children fall for no reason. We must pay special attention to these children, as these are the future of the Greek football. "

For his own batch in Panathinaikos and current: "Now it's forced to do so. Why do Levadiakos or other small and medium sized groups do? Why not believe in these children? It must be done through programming and not by chance. This is how our football will evolve."

For what he thought when Basinas began a technical director in National: "I remember telling where we were going with the Gubbassinades. You saw how the weather came to them. It's only the benefit of its location as a technical manager. We only have a profit in this programming . "

For Anastasiades: "Life makes circles Now we're working from another job. We will all try to make the most of the National. Mr. Anastasiadis has the way to go through what he wants it, I'm sure he can take 100% of the players. Ethniki will return to where every Greek is familiar, that is, in big competitions. "

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