Saturday , May 28 2022

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The mayor of Thessaloniki expressed his thanks to everyone who supported the vandalism of his home by strangers last Thursday.

Giannis Boutaris of the municipal council step said "was the cowardly assault ", saying that the Security Division went on to a permanent 24 hour presence and protected its home, and following the Authorities' recommendations, it set up cameras.

"I can not say that I'm feeling proud, but I want them to be passionate. When you get a place, you will have defaults in the category of animals," he said. ; r maer.

The head of the opposition, Stavros Kalafatis, He reiterated his conviction of vandalism in the house of the mayor. "Such actions pollute the political environment," he added, adding that "the condemnation is unchanged without star and footnote. I have experience of vandalism and destroying my office."

The assault was also condemned by the heads of the "open city" Ria Kalpakakou and "Y Rali Pobl" Yiannis Delis.

Boutaris: The attack on my house is unbearable
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