Friday , May 27 2022

Gavrielidis: "Breakwater for PAOK and Mars if they tie in the Cup" | Soccer: Greek Cup


The federal commissioner talked about the affairs of the Greek Cup movement with FM Arena 89.4, indicating the possibility of crashing between the co-citizens of Thessaloniki, in order to clear the first if it was tied.

In detail, Mr Gavrielidis's position on the matter:

"There are seven cases of tier. If we overcome all of these, then we will make a barrage. We will, in order to protect this, give both teams at the same time and one Yesterday we had a meeting on the matter and we decided to fight Mars and PAOK the same day. We can not do something if both of them score the same score, no matter what we've been looking for about it, it should be a barrage.

In order to meet the obligation we had on television, everything was good so far. No such issues had arisen, but necessarily both games had to be made the same day and time to keep some things. After all, it's the beauty of this football. What we could do as a committee was to connect to the channel to broadcast all the games at the same time of this group, no more. "

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