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Free parking of more than 400 seats, available in a few days, at the old OSE depot in Patras – PHOTO – Society


The site of the old OSE depot is exploited after many years. The issue was discussed recently in the city of Patras council. The urban authority raised the "right" and in the morning crew on Monday they got in and got a job.

The site belongs to the OSE that she gave to the borough for a certain period of time until a new railway station was created there, according to ERGOSE's plans for the promotion of the modern fast train A new one that is also expected in Patras.

The site is planted with gravel and soon the colonists will have an alternative to park their vehicle in an urban car park that is very close to the city center

The plot is quite acute and there are plans to contain at least 400 cars.

This development is expected to give a significant boost to the city's traffic as long as the OSE concession continues.

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