Friday , May 27 2022

Firstly, Meggy revealed what he has in front of him with Amanatidou (video)


Megjie Ndrio has been very debated about the comments he made for his team friends in the GNTM home and not just. She cleans up some things in Nooks of Cou KOU that respond to the tweets with courage and lighting new fires, according to zappit …

In terms of the attitude of his colleagues when the GNTM left, he said: "They did not want and did not get my greetings. Did you see anyone coming to my greetings? All these women showed their own truth. My retirement, you'll finally see who do not like me. Antipathy is common today. "

While on his followers he says: "I feel closer to the game in Mikaela. Eve is more competitive, he has a different character and is eager to open time. "

Indeed, if Amathatidou and Garyfalia arrived in the final, would they want to win?

"I'd like to win Garyfalia, and I'll be more sincere and I think he has a more modular body Anna is a bit self-centered and two people with how she managing some issues inside the house We have previous experiences with Amanatidou from the city that we live together and we know about the shows In Thessaloniki, when I was in his first stages in the modding, I had helped him with a lot of work and I also helped her to mature a bit in fashion but did not show the same respect for me. I expected some of & The staff I had been suffering from years later stood up in front of me, as I stood behind her, but she probably did not feel, "said Meigi Ndrio first for Anna Amanatidou and her continued recognition: "I will continue to believe that he is a person of two people. I always thought that Anna Amanatidou was doing things up the truck stairs him. "

"Hermione is not a model. He has never lived anything in terms of modeling. She has also received it, and now she's taking lessons to be a model. I do not feel like a girl. After her transformation, I still feel her little boy. She needs to feel a little bit more, her chakras, feels a little more girl and pulls out a female. For me, there is no any way. She tells her why she's sure that the mother-in-law that comes to her is too difficult to say, "she said about Irene Ermidou.

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