Monday , October 3 2022

Films week 12/11/18 to 18/11/18


The Enternity column for week films continues and this week covers all the productions that will start running on Thursday, November 15, 2018.

Bests Fantastic: The Crime of Grindelwald
Greek title: Great animals, crimes of Grendelvad
Duration: 133 minutes
Category: Fantasy Adventure
Description: At the end of the first film, the dark wizard Geller Grendelvad (Johnny Depp), with the help of New Edward Redman, is arrested by MACUSA (USA Hud Summit). But, in response to his threat, he has managed to escape. Its aim is to collect as much as possible as possible – who is incredible for his real agenda – allies, to implement his plan: breathe clean blood breeders to overcome all the clicks. In an attempt to reverse Greinveldad's plans, Jung Loth invites New Scoutman's former pupil, who can help help ignore the dangers that are in front of them. Soon, the masks will fall, and the split lines will come as love and commitment is proved even among the closest friends or family members, in a world of magic & Is split up increasingly.

Aegean: SOS
Duration: 101 minutes
Category: Comedy
Description: Summer 2018. Greek and Turkish brigades run Aegean Sea. A large earthquake, however, brings a rocky island to the surface in international territorial waters. Greeks and Thieves send troops directly to occupy the island. Each plate has … half. The interesting but serious events between Greeks and Turkey are not taking tsunamis.

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