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Don’t marry small. Studying, working, living…


The Pagona Nikolaou I met her a few days ago in an Agia Barbara neighborhood. What made me notice was the “grandmother” address from a little girl who ran after her laughing. “Grandmother;”, I told her spontaneously. She nodded in agreement, two or three scattered conversations along with the revelation of her age: “In a little while I’m turning 36. I became a grandmother at 33”. I did not express a conversation. I wanted to do it but I couldn’t. I could, but I didn’t want to. Confusion of mind. And then, she invited me to her house to treat me with coffee – along with her life story…


“Love is the cause”
She looks like a little girl. In the way he moves and sees things, in the tone he laughs – loudly strong-, in the optimism with which he faces everything. She’s a little girl. In appearance, in vitality, in spark, in that “Let’s sit by the fireplace and talk about men and love”. He met her just before sixteen “Normal for gypsies, I fell in love with him like crazy and I’m still in love with him. We had two kids together, a boy and a girl, we did chores, we had fun, we made trips where you can imagine, and we still have a lot to do.We overcome difficult with dialogue and love for it and I advise young children to talk to each other.To leave the computer screens and enter the real world. It’s the only way to build relationships between people. Everything else is debris … Let’s give you a glass of wine and some music … »


Serve in crystal glasses the moment when with one hand he presses forward “in the stereo” and with the other lifts a particle of dust from the carpet: “I’m crazy for cleanliness. All Greek gypsies have a craving for everything around us to shine. Pure clean soul house, let’s say in our parts. Even in camps you won’t see a dirty house. I’m not talking about the Roma in general, but for the Greek gypsies. Cleanliness is half of our nobility “. The other half? I ask her spontaneously, without even counting on the answer: “The other half is our pride. We are a proud race, with our advantages and disadvantages like all human beings. But if we put someone in our house and in our soul, we give it treat as if you were a lord and a lord … Tell me now what food you like me to make something to eat together. Hungry Bear doesn’t dance … “. I laugh out loud, a little I want to follow as I watch her rock for the purpose of some famous fairytales “To dance my daughter! Dance is oxygen …»


“Don’t marry young. Study, work, live…»

I take a deep breath. The conversation returns to the reason we met “Grandma, 36 years old”. She brings her hand to her forehead and drops a deep sigh before the latter disappears in a wide smile: “When my son met my bride, they were still children. She’s almost seventeen at the age of fourteen. When I learned that the girl was pregnant, the sky came to me. The both of them at such a young age, they had to live their lives before the big move.However, they didn’t listen to anyone.The love and spontaneity of youth take no words.What can we say; What to do ; As if to decide, we said nothing but having a big wedding with a three-piece party, No. I don’t agree with our traditions that little girls get married. Today things have changed. Children have to finish school , study, stand on their own two feet and then move on to marriages and children I was negative.The positive thing in my case is that today I have my granddaughter, a real koula that I don’t stop dealing with she for a moment “.


The ringing of the bell and our three-year-old granddaughter is disturbing: “This is my pride. That’s why I live and exist here. Look how cute it is. In the summer we went on vacation together to Mykonos … We always go on holiday with our E, my pride? ». Her pride runs through the house at breakneck speed. She wants toys and souvenirs. The Peacock does not deprive her of either. He swings with her on the floor, “choking” her on the couch, asking her about a hundred times if she wants food “I would wear the mask to go running later. So, my pride? Her pride gives her a big kiss along with a bigger hut. Grandmother laughs with pride. Not looking over thirty years old …

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