Friday , August 19 2022

Dimitrios Archbishop of America resigned Greece


His resignation was presented today by the Archbishop Demetrios of America, the ecumenical patriarch, Messrs. Bartholomew. Mr Demetrios introduced the latest developments in the Archdiocese of America to Bartholomew and, most of all, the recent steps taken to improve funding and complaints about the misuse of funds raised for the erection of the St. temple. Nicholas in New York City New York.

It is also said that Mr Demetrios has informed Mr Bartholomew on Administrative Change at the Boston Cross Theological School.

It should be noted that the Archbishop has refused to resign as the Ecumenical Patriarch has been called in the last few months, asking himself to solve the problems of the Archdiocese.

Indeed, ecclesiastical actors interpreted Mr Demetrios's speech on the Holy Saturday at Ag. Trinity, as an account of his 20 year ministry in the Archdiocese, prejudicing his current resignation.

In 1999 Mr Dimitrios was appointed Archbishop of America to overcome the divisions caused by Archbishop Spyridon's three-year noisy season. Initially, he won the credit for wound healing, but he was soon found to have no administrative experience. In summer 2017, information was revealed that the Archdiocese was experiencing a serious financial problem. This is the start of support for the Archbishop of America

The Ecumenical Patriarchate Holy Synod is expected to discuss the arrival of the Priest of the Archbishop of America, as well as the Archbishop of Thyateira's Thrones and Great Britain and the Archbishop of Australia at its next meeting on 9 May.

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