Thursday , October 6 2022

Current Account: How You Pay Less


Winter May means … blurred power bills for many citizens, but there are ways to save money.

How? Following all or some of them 12 useful tips for saving electricity from the Consumer Protection Center.

1. Close electrical appliances when not used

Containers are wasting energy and money. We switch off the TV from the switch and not the remote control. Turn the computer off in conflict mode. We remove the devices from the wall outlet when they are not used.

So, we can save up to 39 euro / year easily. The "smart" power strip can help us save money by turning off unused devices.

2. Replace the simple lamps

The replacement of any light bulb with an energy efficient lamp can save up to € 13 a year at the cost of our accounts. If we change 10 lamps, we will save € 130 a year!

3. Do not leave the air conditioner after we leave the house

We close the air conditioner before we leave the house. When we are at home, we adjust the temperature of the air conditioner to the level that we feel comfortable. We adjust the air conditioner temperature. Installation of air conditioner, minimum summer temperatures and maximum winter temperature is not appropriate.

Each time we take (for the summer) or most (for winter) the temperature of the 1 degree air conditioner (eg from 24oC to 25oC), we save electricity by around 11%.

4. We look after the insulation of our home

Double glazed windows and damaged insulation repository contributes to winter heating, while keeping the house cooler in summer.

5. Solar water heater

If possible install a solar water heater. Heaters, electric heating and water, are particularly energy-intensive and boost our bills. The installation of a flow limiter and an economical shower stream can save a family of three to a cubic measure of water per month. This simple upgrade will reduce our energy costs around € 3.21 per month (€ 37.44 per annum).

6. We often dash in the fridge

When ice is collected, in our fridge, it uses more electricity.

7. Wash our clothes in the washing machine at a low temperature

Most washing machines work as well as low temperatures, and the right products are to clean clothes at 40 ° C and 30 ° C. We put the washer on the hours, We have an evening night, if, of course, we have it.

Many machines have ecological programs that are shorter than usual. Let's use them. We should also avoid before washing as much as possible. Today we are changing our clothes, many detergents have often evolved. There is no need to prepare in advance.

8. When we install a washing machine, we take full care

Every time we use our washer we spend electricity and water and detergent. So, we look after washing lots of clothes with each other.

9. We collect a lot of clothes together

We do not iron our clothes, all with each other so that we do not heat the iron several times.

10. Kitchen oven

We do not light the kitchen stove to heat a portion of food. On average, Greek homes spend 38% of all electricity use for cooking. Small size ovens are much more efficient in energy to heat small amounts of food.

11. We buy energy efficient and efficient devices

We select devices that offer savings of up to 60% (what we need is to check the energy label.

12. We are market research to change provider

Electricity providers are now in the market and we can choose them.

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