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Crete: F-16 Movement – The striking exhibition in Heraklion – video


11.11.2018 | 17:24

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Citizens in Heraklion came to showcase the F-16 fighter, executed by Emperor Dimitris Volakakis, in Saint Minas's patronage celebration celebration …

The head is high to those found in the morning in Karavola to watch the display of the F-16 fighter aircraft operated by Emperor Dimitris Volakakis, in the celebration framework of Agios Minas, Herculean sponsor.

The Pilot achieved his pilot abilities to impress the crowd that approached him as he crossed the city of Heraklion.

The aircraft used to perform the air shows is Block F-16C Block 52+.

The F-16 shows are stunning

The F-16 Demo Team is an ambitious air display program designed to spread aerospace growth and stimulate the Armed Forces and Air Force morale of the Greek society and at the same time highlight the ability to fight and the general work of the Air Force.

Price and glory for trials! A crazy driver … See snapshots of the show f-16 today in Heraklion …!

Geoptet von Inter-SOS-te Mesara am Sonntag, 11. November 2018


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