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Coronavirus vaccine roadmap – The role of intangible prescribing


With the “tool” of existing digital tools, but also new digital equipment, the co-eligible ministries and electronic services join forces, with a common goal when the first doses of the long-awaited vaccines reach our country, vaccinations start very quickly.

The untouchable prescription, which has provided a solution for more than 800,000 people with chronic diseases – who receive the necessary prescription of their medicines electronically, avoiding visiting doctors in the midst of a pandemic – is the communication “channel” government invests most in it.

“Those who have already signed up for the intangible prescription will automatically receive an email and message on their mobile phone, to be vaccinated at the nearest vaccination center on a specific day and time. If they click on the option “accept”, the appointment will be registered. The request, therefore, is for as many citizens as possible to register on, because in this way the process will be automatic “, Marios Themistokleous, secretary general of Healthcare Ministry of Health Foundation, underlines “NEA”.

And since the intangible recipe is expected to serve as… a digital expressway for vaccination scheduling, Themistocles is calling on citizens – and especially the younger ones who are usually familiar with new technologies – to start registering with emphasis first. elderly members of the household.

M. Themistocleous

Given that IDIKA (electronic prescribing system) is an up-to-date “database” for patients with chronic diseases, it is possible to identify and inform those citizens who will receive immediate vaccination as a priority.

At the same time, however, a second electronic platform is being launched, which, by design, will be open to the public at the email address “”, which is a communications link other key.

“By registering the AMKA, one will be able to find out if it belongs to the priority vaccinated groups during the given time period and whether it meets the appointment criteria, “he explains.

Call center

The third way will be the special call center, with Themistocleous stating that no citizen should be excluded from the communication channel and as a result of the right to be vaccinated, thereby ensuring individual and collective protection against SARS-CoV-2 .

In any event, the preparations are feverish, as Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias noted, the next day after admission, vaccinations start in the 1,018 vaccination centers that will operate six days a week (and excluding Sundays) in two shifts, for the seven Health Districts of the country covering all the needs of the population.

In particular, the first 500,000 – 1,000,000 installments are expected to cross our country’s border in late December or early January. This is because the European Medicines Agency (Coreper) has announced that it will have an opinion by the 29th of the month on licensing the Pfizer / BioTech vaccine, so the final distribution date depends on when the Agency turns up ‘ it is green. light.

At the same time, as reported by European sources in response to allegations of possible delays in the midst of the severe second wave, the Agency is following fast-track procedures without members of the evaluation committee succumbing to “reductions”, emphasizing that the security of Europeans. citizens.

Critical bet

Confidence in vaccines is, after all, another crucial bet for the Old Continent governments, with those in charge in our country preparing a dynamic intelligence campaign that will provide answers to all questions and doubts.

In this context, and according to information, scientists who know the subject in detail, politicians and influential public figures who excel in various fields will unite their voices, in order to bend the resistance. I am reminded, moreover, that in order to build “herd immunity” at least 60% of the population needs to be vaccinated.

And as time goes on, as everything shows, on the contrary, from next week, it will begin training more than 2,000 nurses and health professionals who will staff hundreds of centers vaccination.

As Themistocleous explains, this is an experienced health staff anyway, who will be primarily informed of the specific characteristics of the new vaccines in terms of their storage and use, adding that it will always be in every physician center that will oversees the procedure.

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