Monday , May 23 2022

Big Brother: Against strong nerves – “It’s fake and man plays it”


Photos from the last 24 hours were shown at Big Brother’s house during the Live.

Anna Maria Psycharaki with Sofia Danezi in the spotlight again! As everything shows, reconciliation only lasted a few days. The two women came face to face again with Sofia coming out of herself again.

It all started when Anna Maria was serving the food, while Sofia was waiting to get her portion of the pan. And while Anna Maria realized she was waiting, the food returned to the oven, indifferent to her teammates.

Sofia later commented on what happened to Dimitris Kehagias, while she was invited to give explanations in the Communications room.

“Because she’s a sheikh and I told her. God plays her. She’s p @ ts @ voura. No, I’ll leave her this way,” Sofia said angry about Anna Maria.

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