Sunday , June 26 2022

Attack in Parliament: The first officer of Rouvikon, the 37 year old arrested | GREE


Founder 37 Rubikon is the only one arrested for the assault in the House.

In fact, painting and smuggling tobacco in the House was not the only "duo" of Rubikon in the "temple of the Republic" in which he had participated, as he had put this twice in 2015 and 2017. A 37-year-old has been part of tens of police works and has dozens of eye-catchers and arrests from 2015 to today.

The last 37-year-old man was arrested after Rubikon's "intervention" in the foreign ministry in April. At that time, the members of the anarchist group had opened flags and flew out of the ministry building and the police had 17 suicides.

Rubikon has made two other "doo" in the House, in which he was present, and the 37-year-old man arrested for the last attack. In April 2015, members of the Rubicon crossed the yard, reached the House entrance and opened banners in favor of releasing hunger strikers, including Savvas Dryos.

In July 2017, twenty-one members of Rubikon were surprised that police officers, at the House entrance for the deputies, had thrown stories and shouted slogans for Hieran. Indeed, at the time, with the House Speaker's orders, Nikos Voutsis, in consultation with the then Citizen Protection Minister, Nikos Toska, members left the Rouvikon freely.

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