Saturday , May 28 2022

At Olomouc Eleonas: "Penalties if Turkey breaks the agreement with the EU"


Regarding the agreement with the European Union on the refugee, Turkey formerly French President Francois Hollande was invited to visit refugees in Elaionas emphasizing that financial penalties should be set otherwise against Ankara.

Speaking in the AMPE, Mr Olan stated that "Turkey had to check the departures and accept people's forms that were not entitled to shelter".

"We have also given money to Turkey so that it can keep these people there. If this agreement is not respected by Turkey, then we have to reconsider the issue," he added.

Mr Holland said that Greece was the most pregnant of all other European countries in the refugee.

He also emphasized that the success of Greece was to remain in the euro and thus resist the pressure of the flow.

During his stay at Eleonas, Mr. They look for the operation of the site, visited the Center for Disease Control and Prevention Center (HCDCP), the social service, the library, who spoke to refugees and volunteers. with information from AMPA

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